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Our Firm

Smart, compassionate representation focused on problem solving. 

The Meade Law Office, P.C. is the successor firm to the Beal Law Office, which has its roots in Claudon, Kost, Beal, Walters, and Lane. That firm has served the Canton area for generations.

In 2014, the Beal Law Office became a separate firm. Simultaneously, Attorney Trygve Meade joined as an associate attorney engaged in the general practice of law. 

In October of 2016, Attorney Bruce C. Beal was appointed to the vacancy left by Judge William Davis when he retired from the Fulton County Circuit Court. Upon Judge Beal's promotion to the bench, Attorney Trygve Meade, a lifelong Canton resident, took over the firm and began representing the firm's clients. At that time, the name was changed from the Beal Law Office, Ltd. to the Meade Law Office, P.C.

We believe in continuing the tradition of excellent representation and client service that our clients have become accustomed to. Our clients are hospitals, banks, businesses, farmers, municipalities, families seeking to preserve their assets for their children and grandchildren, buyers and sellers of real estate, people seeking divorces, people seeking custody of their children or child support, people accused of crimes - and, we hope, you. 

Please call us so we can discuss your legal needs and what we can do for you. 

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